Marianne Raemaekers - Preface

Dear All,

This website deals with Consciousness Development in a spiritual sense.
This is a knowledge and experience area with numerous aspects that show the abundance of the Universe in every aspect of life.
In this sense every person has his/her own destiny.
Understanding this, promotes tolerance for other people. What’s important is not a self-centered attitude but a deep sense of connectedness and unity with other human beings and everything that surrounds us.
We are all the expression of the One Being that manifests through us in our diversity.
Unity in diversity is the essence of Life.
Spiritual transformation of the ego-consciousness from of the I-consciousness in the new Aquarius era allows us to experience the wholeness of contact with the One, the Source of all existence, of contact and unification with the Divine in ourselves.
As the very deepest level of existence it points us the way to unlimited Peace, pure Bliss, Health, Unity, true Freedom and productive Creativity that can be passed on in many ways to the benefit of all mankind.
In experiencing God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness in ourselves lies the ultimate destiny of mankind.

I wish you nothing but love for your path through life.

Marianne Raemaekers
April 2005                      





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