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Marianne Raemaekers conducts presentations and seminars about the Divinity of Mankind and spiritual consciousness processes and consciousness development and  the path to Peace, Happiness and Health. 
During appearances she reads from her own poetry.

For presentations and seminars, please contact 
Marianne Raemaekers at: (+31) (0)10 418 7971
or via email at:


  Below are seventeen articles as introduction. Please click on the titles.
2 Path to Peace
Consciousness Processes and a Consciousness Ladder of Spirituality.
General Overview.
God Consciousness 
The Source of Unlimited Potential Within Ourselves
4 God as Woman
Contribution to the awareness of the Great Goddess.
A new Path for Spiritual Development.
5 On the Road to New Political Leadership with New Spiritual Awareness
6 Health and Rejuvenation
7 The Greatest Liberation of Women
8 Life Elixir Exists...!!
9 Millions of Men, Worldwide, Do Not Know Who They Are
10 Liberation from Unemployment
11 Deliverance from great suffering and catastrophic trauma
12 Love for Animals
13 Love of the heart
14 My experiences with The Universal Field of Abundance and “the Theory of Everything”.
15 Body of Bliss, Body of Light
16 We Are All Family of Each Other


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