9. Millions of Men, Worldwide, Do Not Know Who They Are
Most men nowadays do not live life as it can be lived, and really should be lived.
This is caused by superficial identifications and by ignorance and unawareness of a person’s own true Nature.
Many Western men for instance completely identify with their ego, or their intellect, with limited materialistic ways of thinking about roll patterns or their work. Others identify with their bodies, for instance top athletes, etc.
Men identify with anything other than the Universal of Divine Source deep within themselves, with some exceptions.
If all men were aware of this and consciously and completely strive to achieve this identification (I am Divine, in a true unselfcentered way), an entirely different type of (God) Man would emerge with a very different, new and loving, radiant image that has great reach.
Contemporary man, however, generally merely has a narrow, small and soulless radiation.
This is caused by the limited use of a person’s own Source of endless possibilities and capacities.
Thus, many show fatigue and exhaustion in their faces and it is obvious that the true and soulful Life has (practically) dried up.
Identification with anything but one’s Self (The Self) demands its toll. It accelerates the aging process.
Spending the remaining Life Energy on negative things and destruction, such as to make war for thousands and thousands of years up until to day not only freezes vital Life Energies and processes but is literally and figuratively the path to death.
Many men, North and South, East and West, are on this path to death, instead of the path to (true) Life.
How can these men lead the world to liberation and greater unity (in which women too have their place in governing), if they are not aware of their deep, internal Primal Forces, and therefore cannot control these?
How can they lead the world if they continuously live based on a misguided awareness of apparent contradictions, of isolation, of splits, of us and them?
This incomplete life not only has consequences on men's own life, but also on the lives of many who surround them and who are not capable of divorcing themselves from the effects.
The world and all who live in it deserve so much more -- deserve Life!
Here is a great task for a spiritual transformation process of a person’s own ego.
The world, society, family life, and other types of co-existence and the individual, can no longer be controlled and guided based on limited ego perspectives (which are inherent to human thinking and per definition constrained), but is entitled to the flow of full Life carried within.
This Life continuously turns outward, flows through everything and around all and wants to be really lived, wants to express the image carried within.
And that is always an expression, a manifestation of soulful Life, of peaceful and free Life full of unlimited possibilities.
This is the Eternal Life and we must transform this beautiful Life in positive and fantastic objectives – not in the path to death.
All of us are this Eternal Life, this boundless Intelligent Force that propels and has created endless creations. Think for instance of the total Universe with limitless galaxies!
We are this God in action – that is the essence of Life
It is important that men are presented with examples of a spiritual transformation process and of that to which they should aspire.
Almost no man can take this huge step at once and make a quantum leap in his consciousness to go from a person-based ego to an impersonal Universal Human Being. The process requires time to mature.
In doing so, following the inner Master/Mistress is crucially important but it DOES require silently listening in order to become receptive to deep intuitions, inspirations and impulses. This is a process of surrender and not always easy for many men.
Jesus, for instance, can be an external and internal Master to follow (Christ Consciousness in everyone). Also other Divine Personalities from various religions and spiritual trends an be followed. Think for instance of The Buddha and Bodhisattva’s (Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism), and of Vishnu (Hinduism).
Further, there are many mystics in various religions, for instance St. Francis (Christianity), Rumi (Islam), and Ramakrishna (Vedanta Hinduism). Also Ghandi (India, impressive symbol of non-violence)!
A man who has undergone the entire transformation process and who has so manifested is for instance Baird Spalding, author of Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (published by DeVorss & Company, Camarillo, CA, 1955).
The current Dalai Lama too is a magnificent example because he shows us how to live Life.
Further, we can also think of the American Dr. Deepak Chopra who is a living example of renewal and transformation (see his first book: Return of the Rishi: A Doctor's Story of Spiritual Transformation and Ayurverdic Healing (Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1988).
Divine women can also serve as examples, for instance God the Mother in Hinduism, with Her many aspects. Also The Sofia (Source of Wisdom) from Gnosticism (see the article God as Woman).
Each person needs to search for examples that can be emulated, as long as the inner Master/Mistress is allocated a central position. He/She never leaves us and is always carried inside. He/She/It tells us what to do and how to behave in all of life's circumstances and in all needs.

I dream.
In "my" shop stands Jesus.
It is a tall, wonderfully impressive stature in a simple light, cream-colored, woollen gown.
He asks me silently to bring Him men and women, and I move outside to address them and guide them inside.
They listen.
In the meantime He bends completely and deeply forward toward the world to embrace her and to call her to Him.
I understand this is the Message: He lovingly invites everyone to come to Him, whatever personality one has, whatever life one has led, and whatever religion one follows.
His Truth, about the Divinity of human kind, sets all women, men, girls and boys free.
Here in "my" shop stands the personification of Total Love.


 Marianne Raemaekers
January 10, 2006


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