8. Life Elixir Exists...!!

Since many centuries, people have been searching the secret of a long life, an eternal life.
That the solution to this mystery is closer than our own breath, no one knows.
Many times in the past of mankind people have concocted so-called life elixirs, for instance medieval Alchemists and others.
Nowadays too, there is considerable interest for all sorts of supplements and potions to stretch and prolong life.
Some people, many women and a growing number of men, head for a plastic surgeon, others to the gym to rejuvenate the body, in the hope of that by treating the exterior, the interior body too will be rejuvenated.
People consider the result to be more beautiful, according to contemporary notions of beauty, and the subsequent positive effect on self-esteem carries at least partially over to the body, mind and soul.
Some people will even consider freezing their body in order to have it thawed a hundred years later and continue life as before -- in the hope that (medical) science will have advanced sufficiently to allow people to live eternally.
All these external ways and solutions however merely contribute a fraction to a never-ending Life.
True Life Elixir is internal and pulsates through us every second of every day.
The key is the pure, so-called Universal Life Energy -- never-ending, powerful Eternal Life that comes from the Universal or Divine Source in ourselves ,and not only permeates everyone and everything, but has created the Universe with its unlimited galaxies.
This splendid “Water of Life “renews and rejuvenates us with regularity, refreshes us immediately and is the sole cause of true Life in ourselves. Without it, we cannot exist.
We can learn to become aware of this Universal Life Source, of this Tree of Life, in and outside ourselves, and consciously pay attention to it and tune into it through concentration and meditation.
To do so requires the same processes as described in the other articles (e.g. Health and Rejuvenation).
First and foremost we become aware of our own Self, of our true Being.
To experience this process of realization we can use concentration and meditation as indicated above. Additionally, music can point the way, and an open mind for the majesty of nature.
In this way we can fairly easily experience our deepest, most inner Nature, called by some the Divine Nature of Man and by others: The Buddha Nature, or Christ Awareness.
The more in touch we are with this innermost Nature and Divine Life Vibration, the more we can allow this holy Life to enter us through an unlimited way of thinking, without restriction, the more energetic, inspired, vivacious, healthier and more perfect we become.
If we allow ourselves to ride this current of Eternal Life, if we (directly) follow Her intuitions, we will come Alive from within and become the Primal Source of Life that is eternal.
Beautiful, beautiful Life that already existed a billion years ago in countless forms.
Life that now is, and Life that always will be. Ever One and the same great Life, awe-inspiring, powerful and omnipotent.
Now we have truly come Alive from the Source, as Life is meant to be, and we are no longer part of the people of whom Jesus said: “Let the Dead Bury Their Dead.”
We know the secret of eternal Life and we realize that we are this Life ourSelves.



 Marianne Raemaekers
January 10, 2006


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