7. The Greatest Liberation of Women

Women are Divine.

They always have been and always will be.

When we look at the violence in the world toward women in the (distant) past and present, we are stupefied because itís indescribable.
Instead of focusing on violence, serious and minor, we should look toward liberation processes which make women strong, independent and free and which lift women higher.
This greatest and ultimate emancipation process, which is an internal process, affects women deeply.
Once this process has been initiated, liberation from the outside aspects of life will follow automatically, for instance in a womanís work, her essential place in society, etc.:
Outward as inward, downward as upward.
First the inner core, the primary cause, next the logical consequences.

It is crucial that women become conscious of the fundamental fact that they are in reality free and perfect, and always will be.
They should not tie themselves to and by others be tied to materialistic and therefore limited views about life, views on women, role patterns, etc.
To learn to let go of these incomplete and narrow-minded views is one of the pillars of the liberation process, to be replaced by a different vision, an absolute Truth and true Wisdom, which revolves around but one truism: that Women are Divine.
Such is the deepest possible liberation process, i.e. Spiritual Liberation and Redemption from oneself which then enables deliverance from all of life's aspects.
If for some reason we donít want to use the word ďDivineĒ, it can be replaced by the word Universe which leads to the view that:
Women are the total and limitless Universe with all Her endless Powers and Energies, meaning inner identification and unification with the Divine or Universal Source in oneself, the deepest realization:
 I AM GOD(1).
This unification demands completeness. It is the Basic Identification from which women will live and work. This is the way women become One with the unlimited Life Source, and become the Source.
Next, one learns to completely follow the deepest, positive intuitions and the flowing Life that energetically percolates from this Source in a personís consciousness and body.
To exclusively listen to her own deepest Inner Being and not be overshadowed by theories of the world, by limited ideas from others or oneself, or by situations, is what will make women truly free, strong, independent, inspired, complete, healthy and happy. (See also article God as Woman, about Divine Femininity.)
Whatís important is true Freedom that can only be exercised from inside out and is not dependent on the world.
Subsequently, this identification will have a positive, healing influence on oneís surroundings and the world. All questions about (a personís own) life and whatever circumstances, in whatever country, can be presented to the inner Source. The only thing necessary is alertness to deep intuitions. Sometimes these pass very clearly across the mind's eye. Other times the creative impulse slowly works its way into our consciousness. Once a person is used to this, he/she will immediately realize how deep this impulse is. This far-reaching, impulse, intuition, or insight pertains to DIRECT KNOWLEDGE, Direct from the Source.
Intellect, ratio with its inherent doubts, deliberate calculations and apparent contradictions does not intervene and therefore the deepest flash of inspiration is The Immediate Answer to the question or situation. The resolution received can be followed and executed unconditionally with complete trust in Oneself (Self Confidence).
This Source is always present in a person and always available to be quietly consulted, sometimes within just a few minutes.
This process of fine-tuning and relaxing, paying flexible attention to The Self knows no bounds. It is endlessly dynamic and makes women resilient, strong, stable, and creative and gives inner fortitude in all circumstances. They are highly elevated above themselves.
Complete identification with the Source can mean salvation in any emergency. It can also mean for instance company ownership or a high position in academia, or other terrains of endeavor. It can mean great, positive influence in the lives of many, etc.
Everything is possible if women place themselves completely in the Primal Force of the Source and allow it to work through them toward life and the world.
In that moment she possesses all Power to accomplish anything because the Universe, with all its Force, stands behind her.
It leads to expression of the Highest Consciousness Level, the Highest Divine Vibration and Frequency, the application of the complete potential of unlimited possibilities.
A woman who accomplishes to allow this Frequency, this vibrating, jubilant Life to radiate from her strong body, soul and spirit is completely and truly free.
She has at her disposal unlimited capabilities and can create what she wants. However, this stage does constitute extremely advanced Liberation and Development of consciousness and thinking.
Women who reach this stage have become Human Beings, a Light in the darkness and in the unawareness of collective humanity at this point in time, a Master/Mistress over the forces of her own life, enabling her to help others to find themselves.
Few women reach these fantastic Heights, and we should feel comfortable in following Her.
They (freely) live continuously heralded and protected Lives in the Spirit of God or the Universe, and emanate that Life constantly in all fields of endeavor.



(1) Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Baird T. Spalding.
Published by DeVorss & Company, Camarillo, CA, 1955.

"Ariadne" 1984
By the artist: Marina Radius

 Marianne Raemaekers
January 10, 2006


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