6. Health and Rejuvenation
Our health is extremely important, allowing us to function in life the way we really should be. We feel comfortable in our skin and mentally we feel we can conquer the world.
If "suddenly” some imbalance or illness occurs, we will do all that is necessary to restore a new level of balance.
The pendulum of health and illness however goes out of whack and most of the time we think we have no control over this aspect of life.
So the question is, what can we do to create optimum health for ourselves, to have more control and master this aspect of our lives?
First it is important to change the way we think.
To think in terms of illness, health and age, pins us down within limitations and restrictions from which we cannot escape. This type of thinking creates mental and physical confines. It is therefore important to open our minds and radically change our assumptions about illness and age.
Illness and age are not part of and do not belong to our natural Divine State of Health, Perfection and Eternal Youth. They are in fact results of a consciously or subconsciously limited way of thinking which we largely impose on ourselves.
Our first concrete step will be to accept, experience and realize in all modesty that we are Divine, i.e. Perferct, Immortal(1), Eternally Youthful, Free, Peaceloving, True and Unrestricted.
If we relax and focus our minds this way, our thoughts, words and actions will subsequently be permeated with this Absolute and Essential Truth.
We are nothing but pure Perfection in body, soul and spirit.
Our body and soul will follow this solidly anchored conviction and will, over time, accept this assumption leading automatically to a state of better health, stability, rejuvenation and happier outlook in our lives.
This way we direct our health and rejuvenation which from this moment forward will only expand, reducing the need for health care.
Constantly living in a state of Timeless Divine Consciousness takes us to the very highest Consciousness and Vibration Level.
Our cells are rejuvenated to the core and to the bone and will regenerate constantly. Based on their unlimited Intelligence, they too will adopt a higher Vibration frequency. Atoms in our bodies rearrange themselves on a higher plane and move quicker in their endless rythmic dance.
The result is a completely healthy Spirit and Soul in a Perfect (spiritualized) Body containing streams of Euphoria and Happiness.
In this condition we can truly speak of the Divinity of the person. Of a Person who has completely liberated him/herself from all constraints and who has obtained Mastery over all aspects of life, even or precisely over the aspect of Health and true Eternal Rejuvenation.  


Bliss is total Positivity
in body, soul and spirit

pain, suffering and evil
are only “half-truths"
that we consider reality


They are not
the Complete and Absolut

The only thing real is Bliss
The only thing real is Health
The only thing real is Love

May we all
learn to live
based on this sheer
Absolut State of Bliss Consciousness

Marianne Raemaekers
From : Paradise Consciousness (Paradijsbewustzijn)
June 1993


(1) Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Baird T. Spalding.
Published by DeVorss & Company, Camarillo, CA, 1955.

 Marianne Raemaekers
November 2005


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