5. On the Road to New Political Leadership with New Spiritual Awareness
Contemporary political leadership around the world has been unable to resolve enormous problems in all aspects of life.
When we look around us, we see chaos, violence, wars, poverty, hunger, lack of real freedom and peace, disenfranchisement, pure market-oriented policies and leadership inadequate for competent government.
Current political leaders cause problems, rather than solve them.
Current leaders lack an overview of all aspects of life and insight into (spiritual) growth and development processes of citizens.
Almost everywhere egos of male political leaders rule the world (unfortunately) and we constantly see the resulting sad consequences.
In general it is obvious to conclude that political leaders lack spiritual connection with the Divine Source of all existence, deep within themselves, causing the problems in the world merely to increase.
The impact of this lack of awareness is vast.
What is needed to turn the tide and steer the world into more peaceful straits?
What is necessary to bring harmony and balance and to create a virtual paradise on earth?
The answer is simple:
1. First, it is important that female and male politicians come to the realization that they can only govern a country, the world, if they connect with the Divine Source deep within themselves and which is at the same time the Source of all and everything.
Through the deepest intuitions and revelations, this Source will provide (detailed) answers for issues dominating contemporary politics.
Any issue in any policy area can, through meditation and concentration, be presented to the inner Divine Source. Only a receptive attitude is needed. From this attitude will stem a deep realization of opportunities and possibilities resulting in creative solutions that lead to liberation, peace and harmony, provided intuitions are followed unconditionally.
During this first step, an open attitude and the desire to follow through are paramount. This entails that personal ego functions fully as an instrument to implement the Divine answers.
2. The second step is more encompassing and far-reaching and leads (eventually) to direct solutions, liberation and freedom of all (extreme) disharmony and grave political issues.
During this step, politicians turn deeply inward to realize that they themselves are Divine.
Through focus on their own Divine Nature, which is the only true Identity of any human being, a person arrives at the very highest Vibration and Consciousness Level (1).
By continuously holding these Divine vibrations in one’s mind and by applying relaxed focus to it, one does not only create peace, freedom, happiness, health, abundance and renewal in his/her own life, but also in the world.
This is the most revolutionary attitude a person in modesty can accept and which leads to solution and resolution of all grave and complex issues.
It is important to realize that man/woman is completely ONE with the Divine Source inside him/herself and that from this ATTITUDE OF UNITY and this UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS anything can be created that is necessary to set life free.
Insight into this absolute Truth sets man/woman and the world free.


(1) Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Baird T. Spalding.
Published by DeVorss & Company, Camarillo, CA, 1955.

POWER said to the world:
"You are mine."
The world kept it prisoner on her throne.
Love said to the world:
"I am thine."
The world gave it the freedom of her house.

By: Rabindranath Tagore, India.
From: Stray Birds. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1916.
'Translated from Bengali to English by the author.


 Marianne Raemaekers
October 2005


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