3. God Consciousness: 
The Source of Unlimited Potential Within Ourselves


As described in the first two articles ("Know Thyself" and "The Path to Peace"), God Consciousness is the highest state of Being for humankind.
After following a long spiritual path of gradual expansion of the I-consciousness and a strengthening of spirit-soul-body, God Consciousness is the Ultimate and Absolute State of Consciousness that can be experienced in our deepest inner existence, in the core of our deepest unconscious that now has become conscious.
This "experience" is, when it first occurs, given to us by God. However it sometimes occurs spontaneously, for instance in contact with nature.
Once "experienced" for the first time, and once the I-consciousness has completely unified with the Self, the Source of All, deep within ourselves, then later, it will wish to return to this experience, to again become completely One with the Being, and to submerge in the dark, mystical waters of God.
This process continues as long as necessary until the I-consciousness becomes more and more anchored in the Source, and until you can more easily surrender to Unification through i.e. meditation and concentration.
Using for instance concentration, you can withdraw your consciousness deeper and deeper in yourself until it completely dissolves in the One. 
Now you will no longer be aware of yourself or your surroundings. For this reason we speak of the "experience without conscious experience" and which is difficult to capture in words.
After a (brief) period of complete Identification with The Source of pure Life and Creation Forces, you will automatically awaken and consciousness returns (see the poem Vast Emptiness, in the article Path to Peace or in Spiritual Poetry). It has become an expanded consciousness.
You will realize at the very deepest inner level that you have undergone the most special experience in life: your consciousness has made complete contact with the total Unity of Unlimited Forces and Powers, with the Spirit of God.
You feel reborn and renewed, vital, full of bliss, healthy or very peaceful inside.
This "experience" is also called Rebirth, as being born a second time.

The Source of Unlimited Potential Within Ourselves

The Source of all existence is the The Ground of All.
As the deepest Self, it is present in our very inner unconsciousness. Through a process of awareness development and subsequently through unification with the One inside ourselves, we know for the first time that It is our true and real Identity.
At the deepest level of our Being, we are Divine. That is our true Nature.
To live based on this True Nature, from this unlimited Consciousness Potential(1) deep within ourselves, and invisibly present behind the observable world, creates unlimited and unknown possibilities.
To live based on direct contact with the Spirit of God is not only awe-inspiring, but also our true task, our destination and the purpose of human existence.
On this basis a purified, unselfish person can appropriately handle the Divine Wisdom, Life and Creation Forces and contribute healing to the world (for instance the powers of yogi's and saints.
In an absolute meaning for instance the miracles of Jesus).
(However, we cannot play or experiment with the Divine Forces which, if used inappropriately, can be destructive.)
All is possible in God. It far exceeds our imagination.
God gives everything to humankind, including Him/Herself in this way, if only a person becomes conscious and is deeply aware of who he/she really is, and lives in surrender to Him/Her who resonates so deeply within us.
When we speak about God as the Source of unlimited potential in ourselves, we also speak about His/Her Omnipotence and Omniscience, about unlimited Creations and Creativity, about pure Bliss, Universal Love for all that lives, about Perfection, Health, Abundance, Timelessness and Spacelessness, about Peace within ourselves and in the world, about true Freedom (through complete unification of all opposites), about the Power of the Stillness, about the ultimate Balance that binds all forces in the Universe, and about all we call miracles but which for the totally God-Conscious person are natural characteristics of the highest Level of Consciousness.
All is possible in complete surrender to the Self.
It offers opportunities and possibilities originating from Eternity, which subsequently ask for awareness and alertness. 
The Universe points the way -- we follow.
Once you accept this conviction and commence down your path of spiritual development, the world will open up to you. Only then can you, originating from the deepest level, offer the most vital contribution to the world, to all aspects of life which ask for Peace, Healing, Creativity, Divine Wisdom and Love.



in total Love
in immeasurable Bliss
I do not even know my Source anymore
Am I
The Bottomless IS

Marianne Raemaekers
(From: Paradijsbewustzijn (Paradise Consciousness),
June 1993)



A miracle shimmers remarkably "empty"
in the Source/freely passes
islands of particle atoms/overwhelms
earthly material self-consciously/splits
rationality effortlessly to shadowdom

The Miracle rises Naturally in full glory...!

Marianne Raemaekers
From: Vrije Vleugels (Free Wings)
May 1994


1. Deepak Chopra, M.D., Creating Affluence, Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities. New World Library. San Rafael, California, 1993.

Marianne Raemaekers
June 2005                   


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