2. Path to Peace
Consciousness Processes and a Consciousness Ladder of Spirituality.
General Overview.


Modern times have seen much violence and destruction in the world which, over time, lead to ever greater chaos and destruction.
In the inner life of people this urge for destruction is manifested as pure hatred. For oneself, for others and for the world.
Forces that operate at this lowest level of consciousness are uncontrollable for people, as long as we have not become (or been made) aware of them in ourselves. The need, therefore for inner change, to become aware, is great.
Creating a world of peace and love will initially depend on our awareness and experience of who we really are. It depends on development of higher, expanded levels of consciousness in ourselves, and ultimately on awareness and experience of the highest level of consciousness: God Consciousness or Ultimate Consciousness . Many Names are used, but it is without any name!
This will be the way we can purposefully work toward peace as truly deeply developed human beings, while at the same time living up to the destiny and purpose of human existence.

Seven levels of  Consciousness:1  

Becoming aware of all levels of consciousness in the inner life, in the subconsciousness and deepest unconsciousness is not an easy task. It takes time and effort and a sense of experience of the direction in which we are led. We must be cautious in every way.
The process of growing consciousness starts with a general awareness of the level at which we are conscious.
Following below, I will present a brief overview of the different stages of consciousness.
1. The 1ste consciousness level is the level of physical matter, of materiality.
This is the level at which we experience contraction, cooling, and hardening.
2. The 2nd consciousness level is the level of physical nourishment and care.
We identify with our bodies with respect to nourishment, care and all that is needed to keep the body in optimum condition.
We are aware of this level and also of the previous level of materiality.
3. The 3rd consciousness level is the level of feelings and emotions. Of sympathies, antipathies, instincts, passions, and desires.
We are aware of this level, and also of the two previous levels.
4. The 4th consciousness level is the level of rational thought. 
This is the level of mental activity, the intellect. It is the average level of modern man/woman, who consciously identifies with his/her intellect.
Modern man/woman is also aware of the three preceding levels and integrates all these in his/her life.
All first four consciousness levels are connected to our sensory perception of time and space. 
The I-consciousness can not yet free itself from time, space and causation.

5. The 5th consciousness level is the level of a genius. It offers people for the first time direct experience of the Source of all existence in themselves. Consciousness is (briefly) lifted from the world of time and space, from the world of phenomena, and returns to and experiences the Divine. This process is known as a process of Spiritual Awakening. It involves realization of the primordial Source, of the timeless and spaceless Being that lies deep within ourselves and beyond the visible world. This experience can suddenly come to us
in a moment of deep relaxation, through meditation or for instance through openess to the All. People who are aware at this level on a regular basis are called (great) genius. They live based on deep intuition and creativity, and are often exceptionally able to express and convey personal experiences in words, for example poetry, or in paintings, statues, music and dance. People who embody this awareness can become leaders in the arts and sciences, for instance Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein and Madam Curie.
People who are conscious at this level, are also conscious of the four previous levels.
(In "know Thyself": The Transition).
6. The 6th consciousness level is the Prophet-level. At this stage, a person lives based on Divine Wisdom and Universal Love for all that lives. She/He is empowered by the universal Source inside or by a personal God/Goddess (for example Isis, Athena, Buddha, Jesus) with whom one identifies. This is the level of “God’s Will be Done”. The life and the way of the Prophet express this and are in the service of the Divine. Selfinterest is subordinate.
People who are conscious at this level, are also conscious of the five previous levels.
7. The 7th consciousness level is the level of God Consciousness.
This stage involves people who are completely aware of all levels and who have realised the Divine in themselves through the deepest spiritual experience and realisation of “I AM WHO I AM”. In that moment, a person’s consciousness is identical and one with God. This experience is the first time a gift from God.
He/she has the deepest realisation of the Divine in him/herself and identifies with It completely. This is his/her true Self, his/her true Nature and real Identity.
In this state of Being, a person is one with God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness
. (At this level, good and evil no longer exist and both opposites are experienced and accepted as the two poles of the one Being. All contrasts have been eliminated; The highest and the lowest are One.)
There is only total Peace and Love in one’s consciousness and All is One.
This highest consciousness level comprises the six previous levels. (In: "Know Thyself": On the path to God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness).
Over time, through experience, meditation and inner guidance, people will become more and more anchored in God Consciousness,
and will directly draw from the Source of Life, deep within themselves. This pure creative Force can be transformed into beneficial acts that can be applied in many ways to the benefit and healing of the world.

'Meditation' 1987
Artist: Marina Radius, The Netherlands

As I mentioned in the introduction, the consciousness level that involves pure hatred against oneself and others is the lowest consciousness and vibration level. This is the level of the ultimate matter, of pure destruction of oneself and others and the earth. For instance, manufacture and use of nuclear and chemical weapons come to mind.
To become aware of this in oneself is a task and an assignment. It’s an assignment to expand our I-consciousness and to identify with the deepest Self in us to come to peace.
The transformation process of our consciousness knows limitless shapes and forms and requires time to mature. Experience of a higher, expanded consciousness level does not automatically mean being anchored at this level on a continuous basis. New experiences, surrender, experiencing silence, meditation, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. can take a person back again to the Source, to the inner Self. And from there, consciousness development will continue in an eternal, dynamic process.

(Remote) Visions of the Future:

Development of inner consciousness of who we really are, is a path that leads to peace within ourselves and in the world. It is the only road to reach permanent peace one day.
Through this path of inner transformation, people will discover a new world image and a new image of the Divine in which spirituality will be connected to all aspects of life in new ways, inspiring life and humankind. Separations and distinctions, for instance between science and spirituality, will be eliminated, as science and physics already show us by way of precursors.
There will be new methods of healing and self-healing, and understanding and correct use of the limitless potential of the Spirit, involving among other things a spiritual, mental, and physical Renaissance. Realisation of deep unity with all and everything will deeply penetrate consciousness, and will redirect toward the Path to Peace.
Therefore, let’s begin with Peace.
Let’s be on our way...


Vaste Emptyness

I disappear in the Silence of silence
the Silence of all times
I dissolve
in the unknown Known

Only Spirit now
pure Being
my body is no more
neither my soul
I know no more

Only Spirit am I
eternal enclosure of all Being
eternal Being in eternal "sleep"
"sleeps" the Silence of all time
until endless ends

I am not dead.
I exist not.
Just briefly.
Soon will awaken
time and space
and I too will be
new life...
Timeless on Earth

(From: Paradijsbewustzijn-Paradise Consciousness),
June 1993)
By: Marianne Raemaekers
April 2005
1 Taken from: ”Inwijding” (Initiation) by Elizabeth Haich
Ankh-Hermes, 1991
Deventer, Holland



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