16. We Are All Family of Each Other.
Spiritually, we are all family of each other.
Any isolation we feel when visiting strangers is broken when we enter into the state of Being, the highest Consciousness Level of Divine Consciousness (see other articles).
In that single Reality, there are therefore no strangers, no outsiders or others.
If we deeply realize and become this essential Truth we will know that every woman, every man and every child is our true sister or brother.
All spring from this single Source.
As consequence of this deep involvement with each other, it will be impossible to wage war and plans for consciously or subconsciously fighting and wounding each other will (gradually) subside.
Peace can be close at hand and awaits us...
However, as long as we live with a consciousness of isolation, separated from our inner Divine Source, we are at the same time isolated from each other.
We no longer see the other person as a Divine fellow man/woman but as an object. Before we know it, our very being devolves into a negative spiral that rotates ever-faster.
All over the world this highest Divine Consciousness in people, this highest state of Being, should be awakened, should be brought into our consciousness. Many are already trying but the collective consciousness is so far unaffected.
It requires more time to mature and grow.
Everywhere in the world, education in schools for instance should include focus on experiencing the highest Consciousness Level and children should be introduced to their true nature that is Peace and spiritual Freedom.
Crucial is to (first) increase one’s own consciousness through meditation or other spiritual excercises and knowledge, and then to act.
We are all ONE, one family, one Being, one Humanity.
May all be ONE in love.




There is no
other for me
behind me
around me
the other is
not what it is,
it is not

Only The Self is.


Marianne Raemaekers
From : Free Wings
May 1994
 Marianne Raemaekers
May 2nd, 2007


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