15. Body of Bliss, Body of Light.
My two previous articles (15 and 16) deal with all-encompassing experiences of Spiritual Bliss and Love. In those moments of great Happiness there is an apparent total spiritualization of the hundred billion atoms and the many millions of cells of my physical body and its aura with its various layers.
I reach this state (level) of Consciousness through meditation.
During these profound Existential experiences, all my fabulous atoms and cells know, based on their infinite Intelligence, that they are Universal and Divine and that this is their true state of Spirit, …of Consciousness.
In that moment, they all live as one large Light atom/cell and together they sing one and the same Heavenly Melody.
In great Masters, of all Spiritual Movements and Religions, the wonderful cells and atoms of their physical body are spiritualized,and they dance and move so quickly, that they radiate a pure white Light with intense, overwhelming Force. It appears as if their physical body disappears completely in that Universal and Divine Light, (1) when they are in the state of Cosmic Consciousness or Divine Consciousness.
So too, their Spiritual or Ethereal Body (2) that encapsulates the physical body simultaneously radiates pure white Light with enormous force creating an egg of pure white Light around the entire body.
Blinding Light radiates from their beautiful faces and surrounds their extraordinary heads like an aura, a nimbus.
Examples are for instance Mozes (Old Testament) when on the mountain top he "touched the Face of God" and subsequently descended with the "Tables containing the Ten Commandments" for that epoch.All noticed the Light that radiated from his face.
The alternative literature contains examples of Jesus as well, for instance in the book: “Herinneringen van Essenen”(3) (The Way of the Essenes: Christ's Hidden Life Remembered) : "People saw his radiant light body that was so dense it resembled a physical body, rising slowly above the Krml” (page 346).
Also for instance Ramakrishna (1836-1886: Vedanta-Hinduism) shows the same great Light experiences.
Also to mind come for instance the aura surrounding the beautiful heads of the great Christian Saints and Mystics like Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) and Hadewijch of the Southern part of the Low Lands (Holland/Flanders) (appr. 1210-1260).
In my own modest experiences, in moments of Light I feel the same waves of Bliss flowing in both bodies, in the physical and Spiritual, which conveys the experience that I am one large Living organism that at the same time has been absorbed in the overwhelming Cosmic Stream, in the Divine Vibration Field (see article 16).
In that instance, both bodies have transformed into the One Universal Body of Happiness, in the Body of Bliss: the Light Body (4).
Streams of Energy and Creativity then flow toward me and on the basis of this Love, I make contributions to the spiritualization of and assistance to the world to bring Peace closer to all.
How beautiful and indescribable would it be if millions, billions of people could experience this Peace and Love and feel it in their own bodies, souls and spirits and radiate it back to the world.
If achieved, war and any form of domination and violence would really disappear like snow before the sun.
Paradise on earth is there, and is ready…!




Breath of Light,
beautiful Life Line,
Am I in the Silence of Silence
of my Being

Breath of Light
steadily leads radiant streams
through my expansive Body
in weightless weight

Who Am I?
What do I discern in Immensity?

A Cosmic Body of
winged atom Reality.
One enormous Breath
in soft Endlessness.


Marianne Raemaekers
From : Vrije vleugels (Wings Free)
May 1994
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 Marianne Raemaekers
November, 2006


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