13. Love of the heart
Divine Love is the most fulfilling Love that exists.
It is All-Loving, i.e. a deep, unending, unselfish and unconditional Love for all, good and evil, and for all that lives.
It is strictly giving and radiating from Its own fulcrum. And from Its highest degree It embraces all and everything with enormous, powerful fire and with vast explosions of Love, or with completely quiet Love. And yet, the Spiritual Love of the ultimate Love Ground is immeasurable, limitless, inexhaustible and at the same time powerfully deepest Silence.
This gigantic, pure Love Flow and Power, flows through my veins and is awe-inspiring and completely breathtaking, literally and figuratively.
I have the feeling to completely explode, after which at an even higher level of complete bliss, my atoms start to dance even faster in an unspeakably perfect Harmony.
Here lies the source of my ultimate destination.
I (now) regain my breath to return to my Self.
Here, I am at home -- in the unlimited, fantastic Love Domain, Love Field of my Being, in my Holy Life’s Source.
This is where I love with an utterly fulfilled sense of surrender.
Here is where I am the Highest Love, at the very highest consciousness level.
This is the top of the pyramid: the God Consciousness/Christ Awareness/Christ Power.
I know that these beautiful Love Forces, these pure Creation and Life Forces, which at a microcosmic level, flow through my veins with tremendous speed, are the same Divine Love Energies that, at a macrocosmic level, bind the entire Universe into one great, almighty Balance, until they overflow in the Self-quieting Source. They are one and the same beautiful Power, one and the same all-penetrating God Vibration, that is lovingly led by the omniscient Love Ground, the Divine Source.
It is the Primal Basis that, without beginning and without end, lives behind each vibration, all energy, force, consequence and shape. It is the vibrating and jubilant Life that limitlessly loves Itself, and always gladly returns to its exalted Self, to create endless worlds and shapes.
He/She/It is glorified in Itself and in this glory She/He/It creates Itself.
Each material body of woman and man, of animal, plant and stone is a wondrous encapsulation, a beautiful embodiment of this Love Source.
It flows constantly and full of Love -- to express Itself in countless ways in the world and in the Universe.
This is the highest goal for which we are created and all has been created: allowing this limitless Love Vibration to flow through us, as a conduit, to create limitless positive opportunities on earth, for the good of all humankind.
This is our true destination and the larger objective of the Love’s Source.
This way we automatically contribute to the healing and spiritualization of the world, to enlarging and establishing Peace and true Freedom.
The Primal Forces, the Natural Forces and Energies, that flow through and around us, must only be used in positive ways for this purpose.
Important is endless giving -- to give Oneself (the Self) and to forget and leave behind the personal ego.
In this process of limitless giving, the ego is ultimately reshaped and transformed to a thankful, loving and happy, Divine instrument, that passes along the greatest Love.
An example of giving, was and is the greatest Giver of the last 2000 years: Jesus Christ.
He gave Himself out of pure Love to liberate humankind, the world, from the darkness of unawareness and ignorance. At the same time, through this Sacrifice, He brought us to a higher and more expanded level of awareness, in order to one day, lead us back to our Source, to our own Divinity.
This awareness expansion that women and men underwent in His time, and still today, when they follow this inner Path of Spiritual Transformation and Reversal, directly and completely changes the perception and (material) reality.
Perception becomes more open and expanded, through which we (gradually) become released and liberated from the restrictive, limited, split and imposing bonds of materialistic ways of thinking.
We “see” Life for the first time the way It really Is: a Unity of all contradictions. And this Spiritual insight, this Light in our consciousness, is called the Awakening.
The process slowly progresses and in the moment of deepest Insight, we see and we experience Ourselves as we truly are: Divine, as: I Am God, as: I Am Who I Am.
At this point we have truly Risen and is the Resurrection realised.
The result is a completely renewed Person who in Unity with his/her own Primal Source, will walk a completely new path, and who lives and works from deep within.
This Person will eventually be able to continuously ascend to the highest Consciousness Level in her/himself (by meditation), to the level of God Consciousness, until he/she continuously lives in the Spirit of God, and has become completely identical with the Divine Love Consciousness.
Only then can God express Him/Herself completely through this (God)Person.
He/She will now, in his/her own way, make an essential contribution to the healing and spiritualization of the world so that the paradise Love, Peace and Liberty truly comes closer for all.



There is so much
LOVE moving freely
in receptiveness

Spaceless Spaces
spread It constantly in
All-Encompassing Bliss

Well-charmed are all that
are touched and left gasping
in the Being’s unknown


Marianne Raemaekers
From: Vrije Vleugels (Wings Free), May 1994


i love Thee
with heart and soul
do i love Thee

i feel what Thou wilst
i feel
i think what Thou wilst
i think
i want what Thou wilst
i want
i do what Thou wilst
i do
All in Love
for Thee
All in surrender
to Thee
All in wisdom
for Thee
Thou art my Source
my true Face
my empty Face
my All

Marianne Raemaekers
From: Paradijsbewustzijn (Paradise Consciousness), June 1993


Heart of Hearts
Foundation of All
such high Love
for the Universe

Heart of Hearts
All over
In and around all,
my head bows on its own
Love shines through me

Heart of Hearts
in Love One,
comes closer
in Closeness
Eternal Relief

Marianne Raemaekers
From: Paradijsbewustzijn (Paradise Consciousness), June 1993

 Marianne Raemaekers
July 10th, 2006


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