11. Deliverance from great suffering and catastrophic trauma
Suffering happens to many people, everywhere in the world, in many circumstances. Examples are rape, abuse, torture, hearing voices, victimization of war crimes, serious illness of mind, body and soul, (unexpected) loss of loved ones, situations and combinations of (plutonic) overwhelming force-violence-torture-destruction, etc.
At issue are certain life circumstances, wrongs, from which under normal circumstances no one can really heal. In situations like this, care-givers often issue the advice to "learn to live with it", often with support of medication.
Great suffering like this becomes part of one’s person—people subconsciously completely personify with their suffering and it becomes the major element of their lives. They are no longer able to separate from their suffering and the experience becomes like a cross which they will bear their entire lives, as best they can.
Is there any hope anywhere, any straw at all, to absorb this extreme suffering and to subsequently rise above it?
Is there hope for deliverance?

Yes, there is. There is deliverance and even complete liberation is possible!
This Solution and Healing however require a susceptibility and openness in a Spiritual sense.
Fundamentally, there are several questions the reader can pose to him/herself:
Do you want to open yourself to the Omnipotence of your own higher Self that can heal everything?
Do you want to open yourself to the Power of your own Divine Source deep within yourself?
If you answer Yes, you are prepared to undertake a growth process, an awareness process, and you will initiate your own healing.
You will start true self-healing and will therefore no longer be dependent on external care-givers.
Gradually there will be inner Guidance for the direction your healing and transformation process will need to follow.
Initially, you will start with some form of meditation.
The beginning of the healing process will then be founded in three Major Words which, during meditation, you will silently repeat to yourself, and which you will allow to resonate in your own consciousness, in your own mind: the first process.
These are Major Words that have complete Power to pull your conscious thought from your suffering which you have borne for so long, and to direct toward these Major Words that constitute our one and only Identity.
These three Major Words are: I AM GOD (1).
These three Major Words possess complete Power to heal you through and through, and to make you into renewed person, standing free, healthy, strong and happy in life. So free that you as a suffering person will change into a radiant Being that in turn will be able to help others.
For just the initial stage, let go of the Godly images you have carried around since your childhood and direct yourself to these three Major Words.
Healing of the spirit, through spiritual insights, will occur first, and this will subsequently lead to healing of body, soul and circumstances.
However, we’ll start at the beginning.
We start by sitting down in silence once per day, for 10-30 minutes, as long as you can.
For 10 minutes or longer, you direct all your attention, all your power and energy on these three Major Words. This will allow you to consciously separate from your problems, just briefly.
The remainder of the day, the other 23.5 hours, you are still preoccupied more than enough. Directing your complete attention for merely 10 minutes to your own true Nature, your Divinity, will awaken the Divine Source in you, that is now latent in the depths of your Soul, in the depths of your subconsciousness.
Using these three Major Words, we initiate the inner process of reversal, an awareness process that directs itself at your own Divine Core, deep inside you and that has total Power to heal you truly and completely.
Gradually, this Truth will become evident in your mind, for your conscious thoughts, for your ego.
Little by little, this Absolute Truth will set you free and you will know The Truth about yourself and that is that:
You are the Free (Divine) Spirit. Free from restraints of any type or sort.
This way you will go through life in harmony and be able to help others when the time comes.
Tortured images in your mind will subside and will be replaced by a new image, by the only true Truth and that is that YOU ARE GOD.
Repeating these three Major Words every day will set healing in motion and will direct attention to that which we really are, i.e. Divine.
Gradually, it will become easier to separate your attention from your problems and illness, and direct it toward the three Major Words.
This way, gradually your awareness, your conscious thoughts, will rise and will be increasingly nurtured by the three Major Words.
The more we practice, the more we fill our minds this way.
Over time, your soul and body will also begin to play a role in this essential healing process; they too will undergo positive change.
They will follow conscious thought which is more and more erasing old and tortured images and which instead is switching over to the only true Identity and Truth about your Self and others: that we all are Divine and spring from the same Source.
Quietly, modestly and silently stating the three Major Words “I AM GOD” brings spirit-soul- and body in contact with the Highest Vibrations, with Divine Vibrations.
The Word “God” is the Word with the Highest Vibration Frequency of 186 billion Vibrations(2) per time it is pronounced with true attention.
This process brings spirit-soul and body with low vibration frequency, which causes illness and failing life circumstances, back to the proper, higher vibration frequency which heal a person deep from within, and which are beneficial to spirit-soul and body.
By allowing the three Major Words to resonate in our consciousness, we enhance this Vibration Frequency until gradually vibrations of the spirit-soul and body are increased and make true contact with the Highest Divine Vibrations in ourselves, and they become one.
We call this UNIFICATION with the Divine Source inside ourselves.
The first time this complete Unification with God in ourselves takes place it is a gift from God Himself. It cannot be forced by us regardless how well we have prepared for the Unification.
We now have gone through the entire Spiritual Development Path in a general sense, and by using the three Major Words we have risen ever higher on the Awareness Ladder.
On our way to Unification and Merging with the Divine Source we have received many Insights and Divine Truths from this Source and Origin through intuitions and ideas.
Gradually we have separated ourselves from illnesses and problems which are now viewed from a different perspective, from a higher perspective, and we have connected conscious thought with Being Divine in our Selves.
In a certain moment, when God/Goddess or the Divine Source with which we identify (The Field of Love, Wholeness and Unity) determines the right time has come, Unification and Merging with Him/Her/It will take place.
From that point we will never forget this Unification experience because we were completely filled with and have completely undergone the Exalting Divine Love and Pure Bliss.
A Bliss and Peace of which we were not earlier aware and which is not of this world. At this level, at the level of the HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS – the True Divine Consciousness, everything in its deepest sense is forgiven.
This is the Consciousness Level which I call “a Free State in the Spirit” because it is solely CHARACTERIZED by Divine Love, Health, Harmony, Unity (of contradictions), endless Peace, Freedom, Security, Abundance, etc.
At the same time it is characterized by COMPLETE ABSENCE of pain, suffering, worries, problems and illnesses, regardless how severe.
The total Deliverance from problems and illnesses is therefore in our own Spirit and Consciousness. It’s All Love and in a flash it can completely heal our spirit-soul and body (or start us in that direction). It has THAT much Power…
Here, at this Highest Place, The Place inside our Selves, we are in direct contact with The Source of Eternal Life, with Universal Life’s Energy in the highest degree which now flows around and through us in its pure state.
Here we ARE the inexhaustible SOURCE OF ETERNAL LIFE which provides unlimited Energy, Healing and Love.
Here we are, for the first time, our Selves, our Divine Self.

Subsequently, we continue on our path. After this marvellous experience follows a new phase: the second process.
The aim is that from now on, in our Consciousness, we reach this Highest Awareness Level on our own (given to us the first time by God) in order to unify and identify ourselves with it ever more, and to continue healing.
After this period, it gradually becomes clear that we must learn to definitively tune our mind, our consciousness, to our Highest (Deepest) Divine Source, and that in itself will constitute another entirely new process: the third process.
(Only) then will we be continuously completely Identical with the Spirit of God and (only) then are we really definitively The Light in the darkness, The Light in the subconsciousness and ignorance of the collective humanity at this moment.
In that situation, our Spirit, Soul and Body will function at such high Spiritual Level, in the highest Divine Vibrations, that they have risen far above (serious) illness and problems.
Such Human Being is a true GodPerson and lives constantly an exalted, a free and protected Life in the Spirit of God.
Subsequently, development will progress. It is a never-ending dynamic process.
From here, continuous selfless contributions are provided toward healing and spiritualization of the world.

(1) Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Baird T. Spalding.
Published by DeVorss & Company, Camarillo, CA, 1955.
(2) Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Baird T. Spalding.
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In my Mystical Heart
I heal from torn worlds
allowing rusty thinking
to be free in
a purifying breath

Finally, Oneness
can sing the Praise of Love
in miraculously embodied gestures,
I come home in my empty face

One day, all this unsuspected
Morning Glory will show her greatest
Love to all
that turn inward


Marianne Raemaekers
From: Vrije Vleugels (Wings Free), May 1994


To experience the Eternal
in transitory state,
respite in tightness of the heart,
offers space to limitness.

Marianne Raemaekers
From: Vrije Vleugels (Wings Free), May 1994

 Marianne Raemaekers
May, 2006


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