10. Liberation from Unemployment
In contemporary Western society, a society of performance and consumption, unemployment is considered a disaster.
Unemployed women and men are denied the ability to express themselves through work, to develop and grow toward ever greater Self Expression and true liberation and independence.
Many see themselves as victims and are no longer capable of rising above themselves if the unemployment spell lingers, not even with outside help.
To be denied participation through for instance purchasing power is for many synonymous with isolation, hardship, to be left behind, to be marginalized without the power to speak.
This at least is the projection.
Because we live in a world, a society, that always predicates everything on physical characteristics and processes, it is difficult for most unemployed to maintain a notion of selfworth for themselves.
Almost no one these days remembers that we should really turn inward and should consult our inner Master/Mistress or Universal, Divine Source of Love, in order to solve the problems in our own lives, our country and the entire world.
No one in government, local or federal, unemployment or welfare-related, can tell you this unless they themselves have undergone a transformation process as unemployment counselor or politician.
How are unemployed supposed to know what they fundamentally should undertake in order to reach true Liberation from unemployment in their lives when this spiritual answer is not embedded in modern, secular life?
One must have been touched by it one way or another.
Whichever way, it starts with the person him/herself.
Until now, people in this situation have been dependent on political decisions and assistance. If this proves insufficient, hardship results regardless of good intentions on the part of government to create jobs. However, relying on (limited) thought patterns and decisions by others is not the way. It only leads to unhappiness and ever greater distance from yourSelf. To take the road back to one's own Core requires enormous effort.
It requires in fact a process in which the claims to the power over and influence on one’s own life takes priority. Most important is an independent and free life with deep individual expression. This is a fundamental birthright.
This way, every individual is supremely important because everyone and everything is a manifestation of the endless Universal Spirit or Source, of the inner (Divine) Master.

The beginning therefore lies in every person's Self!
Take the time, now that you have the chance(!), to slow down and to grant rest to the body, spirit and soul even though that will not always be easy in the beginning.
Don’t exhaust yourself by endlessly worrying which wastes precious energy and in turn undermines body, spirit and soul.
Dare to take this step and reverse the process.
Worrying, anxiety and endless thinking time and time leads to unproductivity and unbalance in all aspects of life.
Instead, become quiet, for instance through meditation, by taking nature walks, by listening to peaceful (classical) music, etc.
It’s OK – allow yourself...
Learn to know and experience yourSelf and be aware and alert to deep impulses and intuitions that unveil to you your deepest dream and true desires (for instance something you vaguely already knew but to which you didn’t dare to respond).
That then will be the way you belong to follow to fundamentally realise your life and to become happy.
Pay attention to clues from the Source in yourself about how this path can be followed and then execute gratefully and happily.
This way you regain power over your own life and will you be King/Queen of your realm.
No one can help you and point you the way as your own Deliverer within.
This way happiness is assured, in addition to endlessly dynamic development, inspiration and abundance.
Failure, losing your way, little knowledge of The Self, cramped and insufficient energy are all signs of a deficiency of contact with, and lack of inspiration and stability from The Source.
Direct Life from this “Life Water” offers a complete, fullfilled and literally endless Life in all aspects (see the article Life Elixer Exists...!!).

Subsequently, you will become aware of this allmighty fountain of Eternal Life and Love through your own veigns, through the entire world, and through all inspired actions and activities in everyone and everything.
Expanding purely rational thinking to unlimited and Universal intuitive “thinking” offers the key to perfect Happiness, to fullfillment of the deepest wishes and to a living Life.
Creative work that fullfills the deepest desires, as it has been shown by the Source, is thrown in your lap and makes not only the “unemployed”, transformed person
(through a process of surrender) happy and very healthy (less cost to society), but also her/his environment and as result: the entire world!

Come unto me, all [ye] that
labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you,
and learn of me; for I am meek
and lowly in heart: and ye shall
find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke [is] easy,
and my burden is light.

(Matthew 11:28)

Doing and Not Doing

The stillness of the sages does not belong to them as a consequence of their skilful ability; all things are not able to disturb their minds;-- it is on this account that they are still.
When water is still, its clearness shows the beard and eyebrows (of him who looks into it). It is a perfect Level, and the greatest artificer takes his rule from it.
Such is the clearness of still water, and how much greater is that of the human Spirit! The still mind of the sage is the mirror of heaven and earth, the glass of all things.
Vacancy, stillness, placidity, tastelessness, quietude, silence, and non-action;-- this is the Level of heaven and earth, and the perfection of the Tâo and its characteristics.
Therefore the Tîs, Kings, and Sages found in this their resting-place.
Resting here, they were vacant.

(From: Book XIII: Part II, Section VI The Way of Heaven
By: Chuang Tzu)


 Marianne Raemaekers
January 11th, 2006


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